Mission: Honoring past family members by empowering others to choose wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Vision: A world of confidence, wellness, and joy

Hi! I’m Carrie Verrocchio… Welcome to Bella Vita – Beautiful Life!

Bella Vita was born out of promises I made to my brother and my father. I lost them both to lifestyle related diseases – and I made a promise to them both that I would help people on their wellness journeys NOW – before it is too late. I promised them that as long as I have a voice, I will speak until there is no-one left to hear; study until there is no more knowledge to gain; care until there is no-one left to care about; and teach until there is one left to learn. This promise became my passion, my calling from God, my LIFE. Through blogs, podcasts, videos, and challenger and coaching opportunities, this is your one-stop location to begin your wellness journey – and continue – day by day – with a team of friends and mentors who will inspire you daily to be the best YOU you have ever been – mind, body, soul, and spirit.

I began my journey with 100 pounds to lose – but the journey has involved far more than weight loss. It was learning how to live healthy, how to love myself and see myself as the wonderful creation that God sees me as, how to live my dreams and live with confidence and a positive attitude. The journey continues. It is reaching out, helping, coaching, being there, teaching. It is bringing and living the joy everyday – despite the circumstances surrounding us.

Contact me today and let’s begin a wellness journey together!


Wellness is a journey, a journey of a lifetime.

When I was in college, I would get up early to exercise but I knew very little to nothing about nutrition, mindset, empowerment, motivation, and emotional and spiritual growth. I was exercising in a desperate attempt to lose the 100 pounds I needed to lose. However, without the nutrition component, the mindset shift, and the empowerment that comes from emotional, mental, and spiritual growth – I was stuck. The weight did not come off… and it left me feeling like a failure. I WANTED change – but I didn’t know HOW to change.

But that didn’t stop me from trying. It didn’t stop me from reading, studying, watching… trying to understand, learn, and grow. When I was in my late 30s, I… Read more