Throw It All Away

Everything that’s been holding you back… throw it all away.

I’ve done this workout before. I’ve heard the words of the super trainer before.

But this morning… this morning it took on more power for me.

Everything that’s been holding you back…throw it all away. Self doubt. Negative emotions. Fear. Oh yes. Fear. Throw it all away. Throw all that negativity away.

Your thoughts…  What you tell yourself…  The negative words of others that you choose to believe…THAT is what holds you back.  And here’s the deal…they are lies.  All lies.

So make the decision to throw it all away.  And replace every negative thought with a positive one.  Immediately.  Accept only positive self-talk and positive self-thoughts.

One positive thought in the morning can change your entire day. So why not start the day with a positive thought and then keep it going all day.

I dare you to do it.  And let me know how that is working for you!

Take courage.

So FUN!!!

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