I love to drink. All day long. From the second I wake up until I lay my head down at night.

Water. Maybe with some infusions of lemon, basil, cucumbers, peppermint… but always cold, clear, water.

As I filled my water bottle AGAIN this afternoon with clean water, it struck me how often I take it for granted. I turn on the faucet at home, and I’m rewarded with filtered, clean, cold water. I jaunt over to the water cooler at work, press a button, and again, I am rewarded with cold, clear water. Free of disease, free of dirt, free of harmful bacteria and bugs. Safe to drink.

Why do I take this for granted? Because it’s always there. But in an instant, it could be gone – just ask our neighbors in Texas and Florida right now. And for some in our world, many actually, clean water has NEVER been their reality.

This particular water bottle is a reminder to me to not take for granted the gift I have of filling it with clean water – multiple times a day. Because, when I bought this water bottle, I helped to drill a well for those who have no clean water.

It also serves as a reminder to have a constant attitude of gratitude – for every blessing in my life. I am grateful for the people I am meeting and the relationships I am building by taking the chance to say YES when an opportunity came my way.

And that opportunity equals freedom.

I am forever grateful.

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