Opportunity Equals Freedom

On the left: A very insecure young woman who hid from cameras as much as possible. A woman who tried everything to lose weight. Fit in. Belong. Not fear amusement park rides and jeans that refused to fit. A young woman ready to give up.

On the right: A woman who finally realized that weight loss was not the ultimate answer. A woman who is learning that strength and courage do NOT come… from a number on a scale but from living the dreams that God placed in her heart years ago. A woman Who said yes to an opportunity that not only changed her weight, but changed her life. An opportunity to give her a chance to follow a dream, fulfill a mission, and help others do the same.

Transformation Tuesday goes far beyond a physical transformation. It’s a transformation of the heart and mind.

Say yes to change. Say yes to opportunity. Because opportunity equals freedom.

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