Clarity – Listen to Your Heart

Clarity. Clarity on KNOWING your passion. REALLY knowing your passion. And then having the courage to go after that passion.

It has taken me a long time to dig deep and grab the courage I need to follow my passion – helping other live their healthiest lives, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. FEAR held me back from taking a step of faith and JUMPING into what I KNOW I should be doing.

What is your passion? And what holds you back from fulfilling that passion? What is stopping you from finding clarity?

Clarity of:

? Mind
? Focus
? Purpose
? Mission
? Energy
? Determination

I took a long walk outside today. In the cold. And I really dislike the cold.

But while I walked, I listened. I listened to motivational speakers, I listened to spiritual teachers, I listened to my heart ❤.

And I came back with clarity. Extreme clarity. Focus. Drive. Excitement.

Following your passion and throwing fear aside will do that for a person.

Every. Single. Time.

Check out High Performance Habits by Brendon Buchard – a fantastic place to start in defining that clarity.

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