More Than Just a Wall…

A section of the wall in our mud room…

But it’s more than a wall.
✅ it’s moments in time, standing still
✅ it’s memories…
✅ it’s love
✅ it’s a reminder of family and friends that have visited our home
✅ it’s a visual remembrance of those we have lost…their handprints and handwriting (or pawprints!)
✅ it’s comfort
And it’s a reminder of what is truly important. Time spent with loved ones, making memories, being together.

And this is what drives me, having more time with my family and friends now while there is time. Because for these handprints I’ve circled, time ran out. And if I could go back and have more time with them I would do it in a nano second.

That can’t happen, but what can happen is spending time with those that are a huge part of my life now.

So when people ask me why I have embarked on the journey that I have embarked on, that is my answer. Because life is too short. And I’ve chosen to choose wisely.

P.S. if your hand-print isn’t on the wall… you should come visit. Just saying.

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