Stop the Madness Surrounding Diet and Nutrition









Eat Clean.

Make Healthy Choices.

Drink More Water.

Drink ENOUGH Water.

Don’t eat too many sweets.

Get Enough Sleep.

Don’t Sleep Too Much.

Weigh Yourself Every Day.

Don’t Weigh Yourself.

Carbohydrates are BAD.

Carbohydrates are GOOD.

Eat Dark Chocolate.

No DON’T Eat Dark Chocolate.

AAAAGGGGHHHH. STOP already. Why is nutrition so HARD?


Is it REALLY that hard????

Truthfully, it doesn’t HAVE to be hard. But we sure have MADE it hard. All the rules and regulations surrounding food and nutrition have not made us healthier; they have made us heavier. And confused.

Personally, I have tried my fare share of diets. I have done the cabbage soup diet, the points diet, the move the cards in a folio diet. I have done the Mediterranean diet, the Adkins diet, the starvation diet. I have done the grapefruit diet, the tofu diet, and the ice-cream diet. If you name a diet, I have most likely done it. I can’t tell you how many times my family waited for me to weigh, measure, prepare special foods – just so I could sit with them and eat my special diet. And I was STILL 100 pounds overweight, frustrated, and depressed about my extra weight.

It’s time to stop the madness and break the cycle of dieting, binging, starving, purging. It doesn’t HAVE to be hard. It doesn’t HAVE to be confusing.

There IS hope!!!

I recently studied for and completed a certification for a nutrition program that has been transforming the way I look at food and nutrition. It has taught me the correlation between a healthy mindset and healthy living. I have been learning how to eat intuitively, how to listen to my body, how to turn off those negative voices in my head. I have learned how to eat for nutrition, and not to feed loneliness, stress, anger, and exhaustion. I have learned how to enjoy treats and know they are a part of a healthy lifestyle. And now, I can recognize triggers and know how to stop them in their tracks.

I am so thrilled to be certified in this program – because now I can help lead YOU through this incredible program – changing your mindset, learning sound nutrition principles, and ENJOYING the wellness journey with recipes, meal plans, daily information, encouragement, and mentorship.

A wellness journey lasts a lifetime – and so does the access to this program – because we are constantly learning, growing, and becoming a better version of ourselves.


So Let’s DO it!!!

I’m ready to begin this journey with you. This program is for EVERYONE who wants to learn a healthy lifestyle. So now that you’re ready (of course you are!), send me a “Let’s Go!” message ( and I will send you all the information you need to get started on this lifetime journey.

Hugs to you – we’ve GOT this!

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