Losing Weight Isn’t Just About Body Weight

Sometimes the weight we need to lose isn’t on our body. 

Actually.   I have to say.   MOST of the time, the weight we need to lose isn’t on our body. 

The emotional weight we carry around is often far more damaging to our total body wellness than the physical weight.  The weight of past regrets, decisions that we don’t want to make, being stuck in a place that we somehow got INTO…but don’t really know what steps to take to get OUT of that place. 

Let’s focus on that one.  Getting unstuck.  Getting rid of the weight of being stuck in a FIXED mindset.   That mindset that keeps us stuck in a place we don’t want to be in.  That mindset that tells us that things will never change and that life is what it is…and we may as well accept it.  That’s a pretty heavy weight.  

I will admit that this is an area I struggle with and I must remind myself daily that I am NOT stuck.  My choices on how I perceive and live my life are mine and mine alone.  And I can stay stuck (FIXED mindset) or I can change and improve (GROWTH mindset). 

I am going to discuss 7 differences between a fixed and growth mindset below.   I challenge you to identify where you struggle the most and start working on that area today, this hour, this minute, NOW.  My tag line is “Life is short, choose wisely.”  Choose to lose the weight of a fixed mindset and start living. 


1.  A person with a fixed mindset gives up easily versus a person with a growth mindset who will persist until she achieves her goals.  The growth mindset understands that he obstacle IS the journey.   Most things worth having do not come easily.  Persist.  Grow.  Giving up keeps you stuck.  Persisting pushes you towards your goals.

2.  A fixed mindset sees effort as a negative thing…something that untalented people must do in order to get ahead.  The growth mindset understands that effort and hard work are essential to getting you where you want to go.  She understands that effort and hard work make the successful results that much sweeter.  She doesn’t resist the hard work; She embraces it.  

3.  A fixed mindset person is insulted by or ignores feedback from others.  The person with a growth mindset listens to feedback given and chooses to improve, grow.  She uses that feedback to propel herself forward. 

4.  When looking at the success of others, the person with a fixed mindset is threatened.  She feels like she will never measure up, so why bother trying?  The person with a growth mindset is inspired by others’ successes.  She loves to learn from them.  She talks with them, studies their methods, asks them their secrets, and puts into practice what she learns. 

5.  She with a fixed mindset is obsessed with being perceived a certain way such as “smart,” “fit,” or “the perfect employee.”  On the other hand, she with a growth mindset is authentically HERSELF.   To the growth mindset individual, someone else’s opinion of her is none of her business.  She is focused on continually learning and growing and doesn’t have time to be consumed with what other’s might be thinking about her.  In fact, she realizes that they are too busy thinking about themselves to be thinking about her anyway.   She understands that she will be seen in a positive light simply because she is continually growing and becoming a better version of herself.

6.  A fixed mindset believes that you can’t develop into something better.  A growth mindset KNOWS that it can be developed –doing things differently, more efficiently.  She knows that if she wants to learn to network, she needs to go to networking events and work at it.  She knows that if she needs help developing and workout and nutrition plan, she can hire a coach.   If she wants to become a better speaker, she joins an organization such as Toastmasters.  She makes it happen.

7.  Finally, the person with a fixed mindset avoids challenges because she fears failure.  On the other hand, she with a growth mindset is willing to take those challenges as an opportunity to learn.  She understands that if you don’t fail, you are less likely to learn anything at all.  

I challenge you to look for the challenges.  Take the risks.  Try different ways to get things done.  You will discover things that you otherwise may never have discovered. 

Where is it that you struggle the most?  Take hold of it, master it.  Then move on to the next area.  

I dare you. 

Grow, baby.  Grow!


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